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Rajan Sahay

Rajan Sahay was born in North east India in 1967. He came to the UK with his parents (both medical doctors) in 1973 and was educated at Harrow school and then Oxford university, where he graduated in Economics and History. Rajan worked for a city consulting company in the area of mergers and acquisitions (m&a) in London and Boston for six years before coming to Portugal in 1994 and establishing his first company, Obrana SA, a construction and development firm which remains the flagship of the Obrana Group. Rajan was joined by his wife Roopali (formerly on the board of British petroleum retail southern Europe) in 2005. In 2007, both Rajan and Roopali established the Portuguese-Indian Chamber of Commerce where Rajan currently is president. Rajan lives between Portugal and Dubai.


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