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What is international wealth management?

As a professional international wealth management organisation, we aim to help you achieve financial peace of mind, whatever your financial circumstances or investment objectives.

To us, international wealth management is a blend of investment management and financial planning services - and for you, these are hallmarks of a highly differentiated approach.

You get a simpler, safer, more successful approach - backed by science and unrivalled expertise.

International investment advice

The right methodology to preserve and grow your wealth is critical.

Different circumstances demand different approaches, and not everybody necessarily needs bespoke financial advice.

Whether you’re looking to generate income, preserve capital, or maximise growth, our team help get you on the best path.

Whichever route you choose – our solutions combine science and technology to get you better results.

International financial planning

Your financial security depends on making the right planning decisions. Your decisions need to be informed, therefore you need to be given the best information to guide your decisions.

So, whether you are focused on planning for retirement, investment planning, protecting your family, passing on your estate, tax efficiency, repatriation or major life changes such as property purchase or divorce, we believe everything must begin with education.

Our financial practitioners provide you with a wide variety of professional information and planning services to help

What you get with us

Expertise and experience

Our team includes chartered financial planners, chartered accountants and chartered wealth managers


You get independent, transparent, fee-based advice from trusted fiduciaries who put your interests first

Peace of mind

International, cross-border, multi-jurisdictional, expatriate, offshore and non-dom - it's everything we do


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